Process and tips for Dishwasher Cleaning at home

Dishwasher Cleaning at home

Dishwasher solves the dish washing problems in your kitchen but it is also necessary to perform the regular dishwasher cleaning process for effective and quality performance. The dishwasher can get messy and dirty during the dish cleaning process due to which the need for cleaning the dishwasher itself arises. Over the course of time, food items, greasy substance, and soap residue may stick to the racks and sides of the dishwasher, which may need cleaning. It is well known that a clean dishwasher offers much better results and performance as compared to an unclean dishwasher. Sometimes an unclean dishwasher may do more harm than good. More soap or cleaning agent may be required or more sessions of cleaning may be required in order to clean items in a dirty dishwasher.

It is, therefore, necessary to regularly clean the dishwasher in order to obtain the best results. The process of cleaning a dishwasher is simple and can be easily performed by anyone with a basic understanding. Natural cleaning agents should be used for cleaning the dishwasher as the use of harmful chemicals can contaminate the dishwasher, which may affect the dishes or other items cleaned in it. A number of natural cleaning agents such as vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice are suitable for this purpose.

Supplies required to perform the Dishwasher Cleaning Process

Following supplies will help in performing the dishwasher cleaning process:

  1. Cleaning Agent: A cleaning agent may be required in order to properly clean the dishwasher. It can be applied during the manual cleaning or be placed inside the dishwasher before applying a gush of hot water.
  2. Hot Water: It can be provided either manually or through the dishwasher system. Hot water will help in thoroughly cleaning the dishwasher and removing the contaminants.
  3. Scrubber: A scrubber may be used in order to remove sticky substances or grease from the dishwasher.
  4. Essential Oil: The dishwasher may get noxious over the course of time. In order to remove the stench, some essential oil may be used for the purpose.

Steps involved in the Dishwasher Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the Dishwasher Cleaning Process:

  1. Firstly, remove everything from the dishwasher so that it is completely empty. However, keep the racks inside the dishwasher so that they can also be cleaned during the cleaning process. Cover any carpet or upholstery nearby so as to not cause any stains.
  2. Now, wet the inside of the dishwasher with the help of water so that the cleaning agent may be applied.
  3. Apply a significant amount of the cleaning agent on racks and sides of the dishwasher.
  4. Now, apply the current of hot water through the dishwasher system. The hot water will gush inside the dishwasher and the cleaning agent will be applied to all parts. Apply the hot water for a few sessions so that the sticky items can be removed.
  5. Now, open the dishwasher and scrub those parts, which are still sticky or greasy.
  6. You may apply an essential oil in order to remove the odor of the dishwasher. There are a number of suitable essential oils available, which can be used.

If these tips don’t work, call the best janitorial services in your area for help or check out The Home Depot for tips.

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