How to find the best upholstery cleaner

best upholstery cleaner


You probably faced this situation when you have a stain that is too difficult to be removed by a homemade upholstery cleaner and so now you have to buy a cleaning product that is effective enough to remove the stain. So you went to the supermarket and found out that there are way too many products and you asked yourself which upholstery cleaner is the best for my furniture? Well, let’s talk about some of the top upholstery cleaners to solve this problem.

These tips were brought to us by a Missoula upholstery cleaner, Always Preferred Restoration, who shares some inside house cleaning knowledge.

1. Hoover pet stain and odor remover:

It is obvious from the name what this upholstery cleaner does. Hoover has other advantages which make it one of the top products for customers.

– It is not toxic.
– Used for both carpets and upholstery.
– Has the ability to remove the dirt deep down the carpets and also high traffic areas.
– Price is low compared to other brands.
– And of course, it is the best for pets’ stains and odors.

2. Trinova Leather Conditioner and Cleaner: 

Number one among household leather upholstery cleaners with great reviews from the customers, Trinova provides you with the following features:

– Will clean the dirty leather as well as restoring the original color.
– Protects the leather against ultraviolet rays and protecting the leather from cracking.

The brand is so famous. It is expensive but totally worth the money and you will find that it is magical.

3. BISSELL Spot and Stain fabric and upholstery cleaner: 

Inexpensive product designed for fabric and upholstery. It is widely used because it is able to remove stains without destroying the fabric as it has a gentle brush that loosens stains easily.

4. Resolve Pet Formula High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam: 

It is designed with the following advantages:

– Perfect for pets as It removes the pet’s hair and dirt. It is also designed to remove the pet’s odor.
– Great for high traffic areas like the carpet in the living room or the kitchen.
– The foam cleans carpets easily and can be used on different materials like wool and nylon.

5. Weiman Leather Wipes: 

Leather upholstery cleaner that is widely used by customers for many reasons that include:

– Not only designed for leather furniture but also for the small items like jackets and briefcases.
– Restores leather new again with natural oil.
– Protects leather against ultraviolet rays.
– It has a lemon odor.

You can use it with any type of leather even your personal stuff like your shoes and watch bands. These are personal favorites among some in the medical janitorial services industry.

Find out the most suitable cleaner for your furniture. Some fabrics need to be cleaned by a certain product and nothing else. Here are the labels you will find that indicate how to clean the material:

– W means use water based products only.
– S means use solvent based products only.
– SW means that you can use both; Water based and solvent based cleaners.
– X means that the fabric should be professionally cleaned.

This will help you to choose properly instead of buying a cleaner that may damage your furniture.

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